Chateau snail farm

Since April 2013, we’ve had a special fenced-off area in the park. Many of you have surely wondered what lies behind the fence when you visited Chateau Mcely...  

Every year, Chateau Mcely thinks about ways to pleasantly surprise and delight its guests. Jirka Libora, our food and beverages manager, came up with the idea of the snail farm. He was inspired by his “snail play” as a child - raising snails in a cookie box for snail races. He and his parents lived for a number of years in Switzerland and France, where snails became one of his favorite foods. So when he sat down together with executive chef Honza Štěrba to think up a way to further improve the gourmet experiences of our guests, they didn't have to think too hard to come up with an idea.

Piano Nobile’s gastronomy is firmly based on high-quality ingredients from local suppliers. Imported frozen snails would not meet our strict standards. The only solution, then, was to start up our own snail farm here at the chateau. 

Of course, implementing our grand plan to raise snails wasn't as easy as we though it would be at first. It took us a long time until we found a good, reliable supplier who gave us advice on how to build the farm, provided us with our first 1,000 snails and trained our employees. When you next visit Chateau Mcely, we’d love to show you our snail farm, Jirka Libora will tell you the whole story of this exciting project and everything that has gone into it.