Children’s spa

Give your child the opportunity to experience one of our wonderful spa rituals under the guiding hands of our therapists in the secure environment of the MCELY BOUQUET SPA.

Hello, young friends!
Princess Nely lives in our chateau in Mcely. She loves her magic cheetah Praline, her princess dresses, massages and painted fingernails, and - above all else - chocolate.

Your parents aren’t the only ones who can enjoy massages and other beauty fun, so Nely has put together a special spa menu just for kids with all her favorite therapies. Our spa fairies will pamper you with fresh and fragrant herbal oils, lotions and balms that Princess Nely sometimes helps her mother blend in the chateau laboratory.
She hopes you’ll like her selection of wellness and beauty salon experiences.
Finally, Nely wants to remind you:
Hold on to your dreams!



  • Princess Makeover

    The chateau fairy will after the therapy transform your child into a princess with glittery nail polish, a little nose powdering, and a princess hairstyle. And finally, it’s time to choose and borrow a beautiful princess gown.
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  • Praline’s Chocolate Dream

    A massage experience for young chocolate lovers to help calm every little fidgety bit in children's body. Their skin will be as silky smooth as cheetah Praline’s fur.
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  • Ms. Tangerine & Mr. Chamomile

    Calms and eases overactive minds and sports-weary bodies. To finish, the prince or princess help prepare their own bath oil mixture for strengthening courage.
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  • MCELY BOUQUET recommends:

    Berry Delicious Lip Gloss

    A pure healing lip balm with honey, herbal extracts from St. George’s Forest, and vanilla moisturizes and regenerates sensitive, stressed lips. 

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For Children and Parents

Enjoy some unforgettable moments together with your child and teach them the art of relaxation and realizing their own value.

  • Angelic Harmony

    A shared massage experience for a child and a parent: mom or dad can enjoy a MCELY BOUQUET Aroma Massage and your child can choose either a yummy Praline’s Chocolate Dream massage or Ms. Tangerine & Mr. Chamomile - soothing aromatherapy with nourishing Chamomile Oil.

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  • Soothing Massage for Babies

    Under the guidance of an experienced therapist, you’ll learn to expertly pamper your baby with our soothing light massage oil without essential oils. This massage will give you inspiration for an evening bath ritual at home. 

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  • MCELY BOUQUET recommends:

    Camomile Baby Oil

    A blend of six precious soothing oils and five deeply calming herbal extracts dominated by the essential oils of camomile and tangerine, provide immediate relief to your and your baby's irritated and dry skin.

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For Teens

Give your big kids some relief from the turbulent emotions of adolescence. Help them learn to manage stress, to value themselves and develop their strengths so that they’ll feel safe and comfortable in their own bodies.

  • Clear & Cool Face

    Treatment for a naturally beautiful, brighter and healthier face based on your skin type, using pure natural MCELY BOUQUET products in six steps: cleansing, moisturizing, gentle exfoliation, massage, mask and final nourishment.

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  • Chill Out Massage

    During this full body aroma massage, it’ll be easy to forget your problems at school or with dating. Eases muscle and mental tension, leaving skin silky smooth. If you wish, you can bring your iPod, relax and enjoy your own music. 

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  • MCELY BOUQUET recommends:

    Rosemary Butter Cleanser

    This butter cleanser fulfils several functions at once. While your skin is gently cleansed a delicate massage with rosemary stimulates blood circulation and a little army of active substances hydrates and regenerates copiously as you wipe your skin with a warm wet cloth.

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