Family Reunion

Family and friends are often the most valuable things we have in life. Do your family members live far away from each other and never have a chance to get together? Treat yourself and your family to a reunion at least once a year. We’ll take care of the food, thematic decorations, the activities, as well as the proper family atmosphere, and leave the touching reunion moments up to you. 

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Popular Activities and Sample Schedule:

11:30 – Guests arrive at Chateau Mcely
12:00 – Welcome drink and light lunch on the chateau patio
14:00 – Check-in to chateau rooms
15:00 – Family photo slide show and family quiz Afternoon tea or coffee, sweetbar and ice cream from our ice cream cart
15:30 – Family photos with a professional photographer or caricaturist
16:30 – Horse and carriage rides in the surrounding nature
19:00 – Barbecue on the chateau patio
20:30 – Mini magic show
21:00 – Nighttime treasure hunt in the English park and nearby St George Forest – fun for the whole family 

Popular activities and sample schedule are only for illustrative purposes. We’d be delighted to plan your family reunion based on your wishes and the possibilities at Chateau Mcely during your reservation dates.