Gallery of Princess Festival

Dear princesses and princes,

Please accept my invitation to our most beautiful, most princessy celebration at the Chateau and our English park. Turn your dreams, fantasies, and fairytales into reality for at least one weekend at year. This outdoor celebration has been so successful that it's become a traditional part of every September. Just imagine – a beautiful queen, a handsome king, and me, Princess Nely, in the Royal Court. Nothing is missing – amazing dresses, coats, crowns, collars, flowers, the royal throne, the coronation of princesses and princes, a horse-drawn carriage, fairytale music, a huge cake and other goodies, for perfect pampering in our spa, elegant dances, great experiences, and lots of fun for everyone. As like a proper princess, I'm not only pretty, but I also help others. That's why there's always my princess mission to help a chosen group in need.

I look forward to seeing you from 8 to 10 of September!
Your friend, Princess Nely