The Chateau Grounds

In the five-hectare park that surrounds the chateau, you can take a well-deserved rest in a lounge chair or in the outdoor whirlpool and sauna, refresh yourself with a dip in the natural swimming pool. For lovers of tennis, volleyball or basketball, we have a modern sports court with a high-quality artificial surface in the lower part of the park. Racquets, tennis balls and sports balls are available to borrow at the reception, as well as croquet, pétanque and badminton sets. You can also borrow a bike and explore the local area. 

If you’re tired of sitting in front of the computer all day, why not trying relaxing Mcely-style with a little yardwork? You can mow the grass, pull on a pair of wellies and weed the flower beds, or just relax on a bench and soak up the energy from nature around you. If you’d be interested in this experience, contact us by e-mail at

For over 60 years, the chateau was abandoned, but with the arrival of the current owners, it has been transformed into a well-maintained English park with a huge number of flowers, bushes, trees and - above all - activities for our guests.

Even the chateau kitchen has its own space here. Our executive chef Honza Šterba works together with our gardeners to care for our herb garden, with its numerous types of mint, tomatoes, beans, patty pan squash, eggplant, blackberries and many others.

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Exhibiton of Sculptures by MgA. Barbora Chládková

While walking through the castle park or directly at the entrance gate to Chateau Mcely, you might catch sight of some unique works of art – sculptures by MgA Barbora Chládková. Find more information at

"Every sculpture says something about me, is a piece of my story, and together they are gradually forming a kind of diary of my life. Creating teaches me patience and perseverance, and helps me see into the places in my inner world that are often hard for me to get to. I can crystalize the thoughts and processes that are running through my brain and that I frequently don't truly understand - sculpting helps me find the connections that escape me." 

Exhibiton of Sculptures by Lukáš Řezníček

The work of the young talented artist Lukáš Řezníček, who works primarily with stone and metal, has been on display in the English park since 2014. Find more information at


All artwork displayed in the park is available for purchase. In case of your interest please contact our Reception at or by phone +420 325 600 000.