Zápisky z cest odrostlé „princezny Nely“

Milí přátelé,

V posledních pár týdnech se mně několik známých zeptalo, co všechno se dá v New Yorku podniknout s dětmi. Vědí, že se tam s naší dcerou pravidelně vracíme, protože nás toto město neskonale fascinuje. A z nás všech nejvíce právě naši už 11ti letou Julinku.

Po přečtení knihy o Eloise, 6ti leté imaginární New Yorčanky, nás od svých čtyřech let pravidelně prosila, abychom jí vzali do hotelu The Plaza, protože právě tam bydlela její oblíbená hrdinka. A když jsme jí tam před 6 lety vzali, zrodila se v mé hlavě myšlenka vytvořit princeznu Nely. Předlohou mi byla samozřejmě moje dcera a její fascinace cestováním, objevováním světa. 


Blíží se podzimní prázdniny a to je ideální čas k návštěvě New Yorku. Slyšela jsem, že se tam mnozí z vás chystáte. Napadlo mně podělit se s vámi o zápisky z diáře, které si moje dcera psala o prázdninách jako vzpomínku na naši červnovou cestu, kdy jsme v New Yorku byly pouze ona a já, poprvé samy na “dámské jizdě”.A jelikož jsme si to moc užily, budou snad její postřehy pro vás příjemnou inspirací. Hlavně pro ty z vás, co máte v rodině holčičku a ideálně k tomu i fanynku princezny Nely…

Diář si Julinka alias Nely píše anglicky, snad to nebude na překážku. Možná si vaše děti můžou u toho procvičit svojí angličtinu. Pokud se vám to bude líbit, můžeme si z toho udělat tradici a zásobovat vás pro inspiraci našimi společnými cestovními zážitky.

My trip to New York

Hello, my name is Julia and I have decided to write travel series of all the places I travel to. 
Sit back, and let me acompany you on a journey to New York.

The Pierre

Let me first introduce you to the hotel I was staying at, The Pierre, a Taj hotel.

My mom wanted to take us originally to the Plaza hotel, because she is so much in love with Eloise. But I am getting a litle too big for this and convinced her to stay somewhere else, but close to the Plaza, just in case. And close to everywhere we wanted to visit.

She has seen The Pierre in couple of movies, as it is one of the oldest (almost 100 year old!) and fanciest hotels in New York, so the decision was made to stay there, right next to the Central Park. 

The Pierre had amazing receptionists and concierge! They would always try so hard to get exactly what we needed. Once a lady from concierge called 10 drug stores to find me a detergent and liquid starch I needed for making my slime. Another time I told a lady at the reception her fortune from my new book on fortune telling and then few more came to me and all of them wanted to know their future. I earned a little goodie bag with fancy sunglasses for telling them really good stories their lives would bring them. 



And imagine that all the elevators always had a warm person to press the buttons for you.

You could write a postcard, if you were a really old fashioned type, and send it down the tube right next to the elevator. This is the first time I saw something like this.

Another cool thing was that for all the jet lagged people from Europe, they had a super early free breakfast of my favorite mini chocolate croissants and mom’s coffee in the lobby. It kept us alive first few mornings before the restaurants opened. 
And one last thing – in front of the hotel there was a nice limousine with well dressed, polite and smart driver which you could use as a gift from the hotel (if you were lucky and other guests did not get it before you). He would take you whererever you wanted to go in Manhattan. 


Just around the corner from The Pierre, there is The Plaza hotel. Whats funny about The Plaza hotel is that they kind of have a princess of the hotel, too. Her name is Eloise and she is six like our Nely. Inspired by Eloise, we decided to make a Princess Nely room and spa products at Chateau Mcely! 

The Plaza had shops and a food court in the basement. They also have their own shop called the Eloise boutique. It has all kinds of Eloise nick nacks! You should read at least one of Eloise books before you go to New York. The first one I recommend the most. 


The food court was fillled with all kinds of foods like pancakes, Chinese dumplings and noodles. And at Lady M confections, they had cakes made from 20 layers of thin pancakes! No way you could resist those! Sometimes after the whole day of sightseeing we did not feel like eating in restaurants so we have just grabbed something small in the food court or even outside from the stands selling kebabs, hot dogs or French fries. Some food carts were run by war veterans, soldiers who fought in wars for United States.  We preferred to buy hot dogs from them. 

The American Girl store 

This is a store probably every little girl dreams of going to. And big girls, like my mom, love it as well, but sometimes they do not like to amit it, as each visit costs them huge amout of money. I suspect that even fathers of little girls love it. I remeber how father of my girlfriend Kristínka escaped an improtant business meeting, so he could buy a desired dress for her doll! But no worries, these dolls are beautiful and totally worth it!

The AG doll store sells dolls, matching clothing for dolls and girls and all kinds of accessories for dolls. Like glasses, violins, skates or cructches. They sell 3 types of dolls. One is called Truly Me. A Truly Me doll is a doll that is made to look exactly like you! You can choose from few dozens of dolls, each with different hair, skin color or eyes. The second type is a doll of the year. Every year they create one and you can only buy it this specific year.



The third one is a doll that comes from a long time go, like Melody, a singer from 1950, or Julie Albright, a hippy from the 1960s. 

They have a doll hospital, hair dresser and restaurant with seats for dolls! You can design your own dress for the doll on the computer there and they print the dress for you in few minutes. It has your own label and everything.


Barnes and Nobles

Barnes and Nobles near AG store is a wonderful book store in New York. You can find and amazing variety of books there and it is so nice that you can page through them and pick what you really like.

I bought a book on telling fortunes and a book called Wreck This Journal. They had a table with the special books for girls my age that got all kinds of awards. Mom bought me few of thouse as well. We came there so often that the cashier even remembered us! 

Dylan’s candy bar

If you have a sweet tooth, Dylan’s is the place to go! We got cought up in heavy rain and had to spend quite a bit of time there! Lucky me!

This candy store is the largest in the world! It  has three floors. The first two floors are filled with candy both modern and old fashioned and the third floor is an ice cream store and a roof top bar. On the wall they have pictures of different celebrities and their favorite candy. Most movie and pop music stars love the Reese’s peanut butter cups. This is also my mom’s favorite American candy. Others are too sweet for her, she says. I bought a game called bean boozled, its when there are two jelly beans that look exactly the same except one is a delicous flavor and the other a discusting one. For example, peach or barf, oreo or dead fish. I thought it was cool. I defintatly reccomend this shop!!

Serendipity 3

Serendipity 3 is a really good restaurant known for its amazing desserts. It is  just around the corner from Dylans Candy store. It was mentioned in many movies and we were curious about their famous deserts. 

The first one of the two most famous ones and my favorite is called „I cant say no“. 

It is made from humble peanut pie, ripe bananas, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and molten cold chocolate sauce. It is served in a cup which is the size of  our family salad bowl!

Their second famous dessert is called Frozen hot chocolate. 

This one is made from whipped cream, cold „hot“ chocolate and chocolate sprinkles. We ordered 2 desserts for 5 people, but could not finish them at all. All dishes in this restaurants were enourmous and we all felt bad by sending most food untouched back to the kitchen. However, people at the tables next to us seemed to be able to finish the deserts each on their own. Perhaps you need some training to do so.

The Museums

There are many museums in New York. If it was up to my mom, we would spend most time in them. Honestly, the only one I really enjoy every time we are in New York, is the American Museum of Natural History. 

My favorite part this time was a 4D show called ¨THE STARS¨ at the Planetarium. It explained the creation of the Earth. I have seen already few versions of it, so it is always fun to go back, because everytime you they have some new exhibitions and show at their IMAX theatre.  You can see real dinosaurs there, as well.  I mean the dead ones, of course.

I have to admit that the MOMA and MET are amazing art museums. They have many beautiful paintings. The MOMA even has kids activity cards to learn more about art. I picked few cards and went around museum looking for the paintings pictured on the cards and fulfilled the activities suggested  at them. It gave me a chance to see the paintings better with the explanation and fun things to do. 

Central park

Central park is a great place to go to the zoo, for walk, bicycle rides, watching of people, geese and turtles. And in summer there is a special theme park for kids.  It has many amusing rides to bring joy to kids of all ages. However, most rides are for smaller kids. I was lucky to visit with my friends, 2 younger boys, so I could go for easy rides with them and not feel embarrassed. 

Central Park has also a zoo with many animals such as polar bears or penguins. The cool thing about this zoo is that the movie ¨MADAGASCAR¨ takes place in there. Anyway, you have probably seen it in many other movies, as well. 

Because of all the movies you have seen, you will probably feel like at home almost everywhere. 

Seaglass Carrousel

On the way back from the Statue of Liberty, after you get out of the boat in the Battery Park, you can get a ride in an amazing carrousel. It looks like it is made of real glass. Your parents can ride it as well. 


We went to see 2 musicals in New York this time. Cats and Anastasia.

Eventhough I love cats, I preffered Anastasia. Cats had beautiful costumes and amazing dancers and singers, but the lyrics were really difficult to understand. They sounded like some kind of old poems. We sat in the front row and were often contacted by cast. I was invited to give a five to one cat. My mom got especially impressed by a certain tomcat who was frequently making big eyes on her. I assume that this would not happen if dad was with us.

Anastasia is about a real Russian princess whos parents were killed during the revolution. Everybody assumed she was also  killed. Then rumors started that she might be alive. That somebody spotted her in Saint Petersbourg.

Two guys were trying to find a women who would pretend to be  Anastasia so they could bring her to Paris to her aunt and  get a million dollar reward. But all this changes when they discover that they had found the real  Anastasia. I was very dissappointed and sad to find out later from my mom that real Anastasia did not survive the killing and all of this was just a beautiful fairy tale.

I love New York. I would go back any time. I just bought a shirt which say it all: