Princess Nely menu

To start you off

Fresh sliced veggies
CZK 50

Chicken and vegetable alphabet soup
CZK 85

Main Courses

Elbow macaroni with homemade tomato sauce and chicken
Pasta carbonara
Homemade chicken schnitzels with mashed potatoes or French fries
Chicken with a delicious sauce a creamy basmati rice
CZK 205

Cod with steamed veggies and creamy basmati rice
CZK 290

A sweet touch

Princess Nely vanilla and chocolate ice cream
Fruit with homemade ice cream, chocolate sauce and raspberry coulis
Crêpe with chocolate or marmalade or homemade ice cream
CZK 105

At Piano Nobile, we also offer the following for children:

Special chairs or tall cushions
A play kitchen for the littlest chefs right in the restaurant
A dollhouse
Games, toys and coloring supplies