À la carte menu

To Start

Salad of the day
Ask your server for today’s selection
CZK 290

Squid tentacle
Oyster mushrooms ∙ Ginger Teriyaki ∙ Baby spinach ∙
Rice cakes
CZK 390

Tiger shrimp
Fennel and Jerusalem artichoke cream ∙ Poppy chips
CZK 290

Soup of the day
Ask your server for today’s selection
CZK 290

Main courses

Cabbage ∙ Jordan dates ∙ Ginger dressing ∙ Avocado cream
CZK 690

Corn-fed chicken
Roasted parsley root · Košík Farm lamb sausage ·
Spinach · Madeira sauce
CZK 590

Duck Legs, Two Ways
Chard ∙ Parsnip ∙ Sea buckthorn ∙ Truffle sauce
CZK 590

Beef tenderloin
Kenyan beans · Chorizo · Truffle foam ·
Coarse grained mustard sauce
CZK 850

Chickpea patties
Puree of smoked peppers · Crunchy vegetables ·
Cumin dressing
CZK 450

Signature Dish
Nonna Cusumano’s cod

Grenaille potatoes · Homemade sun-dried tomatoes ·
Garlic · Capers · White wine sauce
CZK 790

A Sweet finale

Nuts and bolts
Pistachio cream ∙ Chips with basil seeds ∙ Condensed milk
CZK 290

Saffron · Maple syrup · Peanut ice cream
CZK 290

Cashews and dates
Honey · Hazelnut
CZK 290

Foie gras skull
Fig espuma ∙ Strawberry and smoked bacon dust
CZK 290

Selection of French cheeses
CZK 390

We will be happy to provide you with information about possible allergens.