À la carte menu

To Start

Seasonal salad of the day
Ask your server for today’s selection
CZK 290

Sea bream
Mint-pea cream · Tomatoes · Crisp salad
CZK 350

Rabbit kidneys
Speck from the local butcher · Roasted garlic · Parsley
CZK 250

Lamb knee
Panko · Celery root · Homemade mayonnaise · Tarragon
CZK 290

Soup of the day
Ask your server for today’s selection
CZK 290

Main courses

Herb-steamed cod
Ginger vegetables · Chard · Walnut and orange dressing
CZK 690

Red quinoa · Cucumber · Celery · Sauce with capers
CZK 690

Poulard chicken
Purée of carrots from local farms · Japanese mushrooms · Wild garlic · White port sauce
CZK 590

Ravioli filled with sheep’s cheese
Caramelized onion · Fennel · Spring onion
CZK 450

Veal cheeks and sweetbreads
Carrots · Fava beans · Lemon thyme sauce
CZK 690

Beef tenderloin
Kenyan beans · Chorizo · Truffle foam · Coarse grained mustard sauce
CZK 850

Signature Dish

Nonna Cusumano’s cod
Potatoes · Homemade sun-dried tomatoes · Garlic · Capers · White wine sauce
CZK 790

A Sweet finale

Chocolate cake
White chocolate mousse · Dark chocolate sauce
CZK 290

Star anise sorbet
Poached fruit · Pasion fruit
CZK 250

Nougat cream
Nuts · Raspberries
CZK 290

Selection of French cheeses
CZK 390

Homemade ice creams and sorbets
Ask your server for today’s selection
CZK 290

We will be happy to provide you with information about possible allergens.