Chateau Mcely is an ideal destination to explore some of the UNESCO SIGHTS

Prague, 60 km (37 mil)

The historic core ensemble of the Prague Castle and Hradčany, Lesser Side including Charles Bridge, Old Town and New Town, Vyšehrad and each of the monuments within these areas.
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Kutná Hora, 50 km (31 mil)

Kutná Hora is therefore rightly considered to be the treasure-house of the land whose wealth gave strength to the expansion of the Kingdom of Bohemia.
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National Stud Farm Kladruby n. L., 64 km (40 mil)

The National Stud at Kladruby nad Labem is one of the oldest studsin the world while housing the oldest Czech indigenous horse breed - the Kladruber. The aim of the National Stud is developing the local cultural heritage, establishing valuable collaboration with institutions and individuals, and presenting the stud to visitors from all over the world.
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Bohemian Paradise (Česká ráj), 35 km (22 mil)

There are not many places in Europe that offer as many natural attractions and beauties
as Bohemian Paradise (Český ráj). At first glance, this hospitable landscape is scattered
with dramatic rock formations, deep shady valleys, meandering rivers and quiet ponds surrounded by forests.
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  • Guided walk through the English park with our gardener
  • Planting a memorial tree
  • Hot air balloon sightseeing flights
  • Dinner in the English park
  • Vespa rides
  • Course in blending natural skincare product
  • Cooking Lessons in the Agape Presidential Suite
  • Dinner by the light of 101 candles
  • Chateau Loučeň, 4 km (3 mil)
    Thematic chateau tours, annual events, and a labyrinth in the chateau park.
  • Staré Hrady, 17 km (11 mil)
    A trip for children and adults to the fairy tales sightseeing tours.
  • Military and Adrenalin park Milovice, 30 km (19 mil)
    It covers an area of 200 hectares: Of that, 46 hectares are covered in off-road tracks. There are also military bases, shooting ranges and over 30 pieces of military
    and off-road equipment available.

  • Miraculum Milovice, 30 km (19 mil)
    10 hectares of the original entertainment and leisure time activities with the variety of inventive playing elements. In the park you will find a forest playground
    and a contact zoo, giant trampolines and swings, climbing centres, underground corridors, monkey bars and so on.

  • Bedřich Smetana Museum (famous Czech composer), 6 km (4 mil)
  • Museum of sugar and alcohol production Dobrovice, 14 km (9 mil)
  • Škoda auto museum in Mladá Boleslav, 28 km, (18 mil)
  • Folklore Museum Přerov nad Labem, 49 km (30 mil)
    It is a typical example of folk architecture of the 18th and 19th century
    in this region. Traditional Czech cottage in the middle was at the end of 19th century ethnographic museum and contain exposition of traditional agriculture of Elbe, domestic textile industry and folk costumes, folk art and folk architecture of Elbe.
  • Horse riding Hradišťko, 27 km, (17 mil), Riding school Řitonice, 14 km (9 mil)
  • Bike or Electrobike routes
  • Ping-pong, croquette, pétangue in the English park

  • Giant wooden chess

  • Outdoor fitness lessons in the English park

  • Meditation Garden & Joga Podium

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