St. Martin’s Day Menu
for Your Table

Enjoy delicious food from our kitchens in the comfort of your own home once again.
Surprise your family - treat them and yourself to a traditional St. Martin’s Day lunch or dinner with a traditional roast goose menu from the cooking team of Honza Štěrba.

We’ll prepare the dishes so that you can easily finish and serve them at. They will be individually securely wrapped to maintain maximum freshness and include all the instructions.


Goose "kaldoun"
Liver dumplings · Homemade noodles

Main Course

Crispy roast goose
Potato pancakes · Cabbage · Almonds · St. Martin wine

Price of this menu, including 1 bottle of St. Martin’s wine
from Sedlák family winery  for 2 persons: CZK 2 300

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The Chateau Mcely Team