The Chateau Grounds

The park cradles the chateau in its arms like a precious gem. It's the energy source for the chateau, a magic ring that encircles and protects it. Today it has an area of five hectares and is proud of its over 150 years of tradition.

Mcely Summer Club
In the middle of the chateau park, hidden amongst greenery and a flowery meadow, you'll find a spot for a bit of carefree summer relaxation. A natural swimming lake surrounded by lounge chairs, wooden garden beds, a summer bar with Champagne, cocktails, and fresh crudités. Throughout the summer, our friendly beach boy or beach girl will ensure your comfort. The "biotop" swimming lake, in true Chateau Mcely environmentally-friendly style, has a natural filtration system using stones, gravel, and water plants.

Outdoor Sauna and Jacuzzi
If you want to completely cleanse your body and mind, all you need to do is spend some time in our outdoor sauna, similar to the traditional Russian spa. Even during the winter, after guests have properly warmed themselves, they can cool down in the adjacent natural swimming lake.  Next to the sauna there is a spacious romantic Jacuzzi under the wide Bohemian sky.

The Fountain of Fulfilled Wishes
The location where the original fountain used to stand was a favourite place for aristocratic families staying at the chateau to rest, and now a new sandstone fountain designed by Oto Bláha occupies this spot. In the evening, the water is flooded by violet shadows, reminiscent of the flow of positive healing energy between the heavens and earth at the very spot where the Mcely Miracles occurred.

Princess Julinka’s Cottage
Young Prince Alexander della Torre e Tasso, also known as Sasha, was born at the chateau and grew up here during the Second World War.  Now he has been replaced by young Julia, known to her family and friends as Julinka.  Her parents love her just as devoutly, which is why they had a children’s cottage built on the foundation of the original cottage of Prince Alexander.

Children’s Playground - “Under the Daisy” 
A slide leads directly from Princess Julinka’s Cottage to the children’s playground with its large sandbox and swings. Mud pie tins, shovels and pails are waiting in the sandbox for little architects to design and build the castles of their dreams in the sand.

Fire Pit
Visit the fire pit and enjoy nostalgic memories of your childhood by roasting our homemade sausages, best enjoyed with fresh bread, salad and cold draft beer. And if you are an experienced camper, feel free to sing songs by the roaring fire.

Insect Hotel
When we renovated our park at Chateau Mcely, we did not want to disturb its natural ecosystem by removing wood and its little inhabitants from the area, so we built a unique “hotel” with ideal conditions for them. Natural science enthusiasts can borrow a magnifying glass from our reception to view the insects as they go about their daily work. 

Natural Walk-For-Health
An experienced fitness trainer has put together a training program and a healthy walk for guests of Chateau Mcely. Along with natural fitness stations embedded in the surrounding landscape, the walk-for-health makes use of steep pathways and staircases that connect the individual terraces throughout the park.

Multi-functional Sports Court
For those who love tennis, football-tennis (volleyball played with the feet) or basketball, we've built a modern sports court in the lower section of the park with a special surface amenable to each of these sports. Take your friends with you, and perhaps play a little tournament.  Our team will take care of your refreshments and the subsequently well-deserved relaxation in our Mcely Bouquet Spa.

Herbal and Flower Garden
Take a moment to stop in the heart of the park – the kingdom of the chateau’s gardener. Smell the basil, lemon balm, and oregano, or the mint and the flowers grown for decorating the chateau. Throughout the park, a collection of herbs called the Nine Flowers grows on nine different slopes. These herbs are used in our spa and in the chateau laboratory as part of the natural ingredients to create our MCELY BOUQUET cosmetic products. 

Honey Pavilion
On the southern slope of the park once stood the original chateau beehive, but this location is now dominated by an elegant, yet mystical hexagonal structure. Inside you will find the private therapeutic Honey Suite, one of the chateau’s threesome of Honey, Silk and Pearls, where healing herbal therapies inspired by local traditions of the Nine Flowers are performed. 

Meditation Garden
The Forest of Time and Calm was revealed, where light is refracted in the darkness, hustle and bustle becomes calm, and obscurity becomes memory. A place where one can pause in one’s own time. The “Forest Square” is planted with flowers and new beds, including a “spring surprise” of 2000 daffodils. Below it, a small raspberry patch was planted. All garden elements are linked with grassy paths. An integral part of the garden is the wooden platform designed for meditation and yoga, with a natural stream running alongside it, providing the calming effect of running water.

The garden’s feature is the sculpture “Mother and Daughter in an Eternal Embrace” by local sculptor Michal Jára. The sculpture, commissioned by chateau owner Inéz Cusumano as a tribute to her own mother, celebrates maternal love and feminine energy, a call to rest in your mother’s arms. Guests can try out the power of hugs in the privacy of the garden during their visit. What’s interesting is that this meditation garden appeared in the book The Power of Twelve (available at Chateau Mcely) by American author William Gladstone, long before the garden was actually built. It was one of the incentives to accelerate the garden’s completion, part of the overall site plan since the chateau itself opened. The garden was opened in Autumn 2015.

Drawing by Alena Holá