Spa Treatments

The Spa offers you an opportunity to immerse yourself in an oasis of peace and beauty, where attention is focused only on you. Its mission is to bring you deep relief from stress, regenerate your body and uplift your spirit.


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Body Massages


With precious massage oils (Camomile, Yarrow or Daisy) and in three versions from which you can choose in advance or on the spot after consultation with your therapist.
Relaxing - with long strokes. Releasing Muscle Tension - with shorter and deeper stimulating strokes. East Meets West - using acupressure and stretching techniques.

60 minutes - CZK 2 290 | 90 minutes - CZK 2 890

Restorative Balm Massage

Enjoy a combination of a relaxing massage with an extreme skincare with rich Melissa or sweet White Chocolate Balm to heal dry skin and skin dehydrated by the sun in summer or cold in winter

60 minutes - CZK 2 390 | 90 minutes - CZK 2 990

St. George Herbal Massage

With herbal pouches produced at the chateau from the local Nine Flowers and nourishing MCELY BOUQUET massage oils bring a deep level of relaxation to tense muscles and nerves, remove blockages, and dissolve stress.

90 minutes - CZK 2 990

Prenatal Massage

A trained therapist will provide relief and relaxation for expectant mothers with this massage performed while lying on your side, using MCELY BOUQUET skincare products which contain no essential oils. Special attention is paid to areas of swelling and pain with the short-term goal of providing overall relief and harmonization, and the long-term goal of preventing stretch marks and maintaining firm, smooth skin.

60 minutes - CZK 2 190

Deep Tissue Back Massage

Through a combination of massage techniques unblocks stiff neck and back muscles, relieves headaches and neck pain. Strength-inducing Yarrow Oil helps the body shake off fatigue and recharges lost energy. This massage is suitable for muscle relaxation after sports or for those who work at sedentary jobs.

60 minutes - CZK 2 390


A full body cleansing peeling removes the natural buildup of dead skin cells and instantly heals tired looking skin. This therapy consists of a whole body peeling, a shower, and anointment using your chosen MCELY BOUQUET moisturizing product.

60 minutes - from CZK 2 190

Signature Rituals and Rituals for Couples

Nine Flowers

Royal nine-step ritual with nine herbs
Takes place in the Honey Pavilion - our all-wood spa cottage by the lake. The healing power of herbs, plants and rare oils used in this ritual will bring an extraordinary release to your tense body and mind, and create beautifully scented, luminous skin. A purifying Sage salt scrub and wrap rids the whole body of impurities, exhaustion and negativity. This is followed by a relaxing bath in a wooden tub with the Nine Herbs and Yarrow Bath Oil and during the winter with a view of a crackling fire in the fireplace. Your therapy will culminate in a long massage with the aromatherapy oil of your choice and herbal pouches with a mix of local Nine Flowers.

150 minutes - CZK 5 890

Melt Velvet

Sensual ritual with warm wax
This ritual starts off with a stimulating and purifying brushing with a natural bristle brush, then a wrap with our exclusive Melt Velvet aromatic wax candle, followed by a tropical Rose Conditioning Mist, a mini facial, and a full body massage with our nourishing, exotically scented Daisy Oil to give you an emotional experience for body and soul, as well as unusually smooth, fragrant and deeply regenerated skin.

120 minutes - CZK 4 890

Rose is a Rose is a Rose

Rejuvenating and uplifting ritual
Mcely has a long tradition of growing roses. The Mcely rose has always been extremely fragrant. You can recognize her in the park today by her typical violet color. Among the MCELY BOUQUET flowers, the rose holds an absolutely privileged position. It is known for its rejuvenating and anti-depressant effects, and so our rose ritual is inspired by this queen of flowers. After a cleansing rose body peeling that will leave your skin smooth, firm and radiant, you‘ll be wrapped like a baby bunting and enjoy a Rosehip Honey Peeling and regenerating Rose Serum. After a shower you can experience deep relaxation of a full body massage with a nourishing Melissa Balm containing rose and chamomile.

90 minutes - CZK 3 190

Beach Goddess

Detoxifying and slimming ritual
This cleansing ritual reduces the appearance of cellulite, firms, smooths and softens the skin of your entire body. It combines the detoxifying effects of four MCELY BOUQUET products - Sage Body Peeling, brightening Calendula Body Mask, invigorating Yarrow Massage Oil and refreshing Mint Relief Balm - with MCELY BOUQUET Aroma Massage techniques and stimulating methods focusing on the problematic areas of the body affected by cellulite.

120 minutes - CZK 4 890

Poppy Dreams

Ritual for deep sleep & silky smooth skin
A unique, locally inspired poppy seed therapy, apparently the only one of its kind in the world. Gentle poppy seed peeling with approximately 230,000 poppy seeds, followed by a wrap will smooth the skin and deeply relax your whole body and mind. A Daisy Oil massage nourishes and softens your skin. The ritual will calm your nervous system, prepare you for undisturbed sleep and leave your skin silky smooth and soft.

150 minutes - CZK 5 490

Mcely Elixir of Love

The common experience of deep relaxation and the enjoyment of healing touch you in a beautiful setting with your partner close by and help establish a more intimate relationship. Rare essential oils create an atmosphere that calms and scents your body. The therapy includes a shared bath in a wooden tub or in a steam bath, a smoothing peeling, a nourishing relaxation massage, a body wrap and facial treatment. Regenerating MCELY BOUQUET products with herbal extracts perfectly purify, nourish and soften your skin.

150 minutes - CZK 10 990 for a couple

Gourmet Harmony

This sensual ritual provides not only fragrant silky skin and deep relaxation from everyday worries, but also an almost gourmet aromatic experience with the application of three MCELY BOUQUET products – Tangerine Candy Peeling, Melt Velvet massage candle scented with vanilla, and White Chocolate Balm. The therapy also includes a couple’s bath in the wooden tub in the Honey Pavilion, accompanied by a glass of Prosecco.

120 minutes - CZK 10 490 for a couple

Face, Hair, Hand & Feet Care

Mcely Glow

Perfect skin care with MCELY BOUQUET products is a very effective way to achieve deep skin regeneration, improve its elasticity, radiance and smoothness. All variations include a thorough cleansing, peeling, massage, mask and hydration, always using products suitable for your skin type. It helps to stimulate lymphatic flow and relax tense facial muscles. The result of this treatment is not only smooth and soft skin, but also a rested mind. The 90-minute version includes an extended facial massage plus a hand wrap. The therapy also includes John’s wort hair wrap

60 minutes - CZK 2 390 | 90 minutes - CZK 2 890

Herbal Wild Thyme Manicure

Combines regular maintenance of your hands with a fragrant herbal ritual. In addition to a purifying Sage Peeling that smooths your hands perfectly, you will experience a beneficial wrap and hand massage with regenerating Wild Thyme Balm.

60 minutes - CZK 1 690

Royal Manicure with Warm Wax

Treat your hands to an exceptional ritual worthy of the royal family. For well-cared, smooth, soft hands you will enjoy such pleasures as: Tangerine Candy Peeling with honey, wrap with fragrant Melt Velvet massage candle and a White Chocolate Balm massage.

90 minutes - CZK 1 990

Mint Relief Spa Pedicure

Reward your feet which carry you through life so reliably. The combination of a lavender footbath; a relaxing foot massage; the intensive nourishment of refreshing Mint Balm; removal of rough skin with a pumice stone and a beneficial wrap, will leave you feeling like you are floating on air. During the 90-minute version, you’ll experience a pressure point foot massage to melt away any aches and pains.

60 minutes - CZK 1 690 | 90 minutes - CZK 1 990

Spa Treatments for Children and Teenagers

Princess Makeover

Every little girl’s dream come true. We start off with a Tangerine Candy Peeling for prancing little feet, followed by a mini pedicure. The therapy continues with a soothing Chamomile Oil massage and a mini manicure. The chateau fairy will then transform your child into a princess with glittery nail polish, a little nose powdering, and a princess hairstyle. And finally, it’s time to choose and borrow a beautiful princess gown.

60 minutes - CZK 2 090

Praline’s Chocolate Dream

A massage experience for young chocolate lovers. It starts off with a nice cup of hot chocolate while enjoying a Tangerine Candy foot scrub. This is followed by an aromatic massage with nourishing White Chocolate Balm to help calm every little fidgety bit in your body. Your skin will be as silky smooth as cheetah Praline’s fur.

30 minutes - CZK 1 090 | 60 minutes - CZK 2 090

Tangerine & Chamomile

Calms and eases overactive minds and sports-weary bodies. Our wonderful Royal Herbal Spritz calms racing thoughts; a foot massage with Tangerine Candy Peeling relieves tired feet; and a back, shoulder and neck massage with fragrant Chamomile Oil washes away muscle and mental tension. To finish, the prince or princess help prepare their own bath oil mixture for strengthening courage.

30 minutes - CZK 1 090 | 60 minutes - CZK 2 090

Angelic Harmony

A shared massage experience for a child and a parent: mom or dad can enjoy a MCELY BOUQUET Aroma Massage and your child can choose either a yummy Praline’s Chocolate Dream massage or Ms. Tangerine & Mr. Chamomile - soothing aromatherapy with nourishing Chamomile Oil.

60 minutes - CZK 4 290 for a child and a parent

Soothing Massage for Babies

Under the guidance of an experienced therapist, you’ll learn to expertly pamper your baby with our soothing light massage oil without essential oils. This massage will give you inspiration for an evening bath ritual at home.

30 minutes - CZK 1 090

Clear & Cool Face

Treatment for a naturally beautiful, brighter and healthier face based on your skin type, using pure natural MCELY BOUQUET products in six steps: cleansing, moisturizing, gentle exfoliation, massage, mask and final nourishment.

60 minutes - CZK 2 090

Chill Out Massage

During this full body aroma massage, it’ll be easy to forget your problems at school or with dating. Eases muscle and mental tension, leaving skin silky smooth. If you wish, you can bring your iPod, relax and enjoy your own music.

60 minutes - CZK 2 090

Private Use of Wellness Area

Herbal Steam Bath

The herb steam bath improves your general health condition. It removes toxins from your body, relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation and lowers stress as the scent of the local Nine Flowers calms your mind. This is also suitable as a separate procedure or as a pleasant beginning before other massages.

60 minutes - CZK 300 / per 2 persons

Sauna and Jacuzzi

Time spent in the romantic outdoor sauna and neighbouring outdoor Jacuzzi in the Chateau Park is an unforgettable experience. Submerge into hot bubbling water and feast your eyes on the beauty of nature, or in the evening, gaze at the stars by candlelight. Warm up on spacious sauna benches, then cool down in the natural swimming lake.

60 minutes - CZK 400 / per person

Honey Pavilion

Leave all your worries behind and submerge into a wooden tub with crystal-clear water from our local spring. A dazing scent of the Nine Flowers accompanies you, as well as the strengthening yarrow oil and lavender bath crystals. Listening to the crackling wood in the fireplace in the twinkling of candlelight, with the sounds of relaxing music, while you sip Chateau Mcely herbal tea, and enjoy an unforgettable bath ritual.

60 minutes - CZK 3 690

Day Spa Packages

Ladies Retreat Mcely Style

Leave the kids and partners at home and plan a unique ladies’ day out.

Herbal Nirvana

Slip into a fluffy robe, soft slippers and treat yourself to a well-earned rest.

Blending skincare products

A unique opportunity to learn how natural skincare products are made.

Spa & Stay

One day relaxation at the MCELY BOUQUET SPA with accommodation.