Real weddings


Jacklyn & Jeremy

Jackie and Jeremy started working with our wedding coordinator back in 2013, and chose as their wedding date Friday, July 3, 2015.

The couple arrived at Chateau Mcely already on Monday to begin preparing for their big day. They had romantic dinners and massages in the MCELY BOUQUET SPA, and the bride had plenty of time to try out wedding hairstyles and makeup.

The other guests arrived on Wednesday and had the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere before the actual wedding day. On Thursday, everyone went geocaching in the English park. The couple had t-shirts made in various colors to distinguish the teams. That evening, there was a barbecue under the stars and a guitarist.

The wedding ceremony for 40 people was held on the garden patio, which was lavishly decorated with pink roses. Shades of pink also permeated the reception in the chateau halls. Thanks to the beautiful photography by Štěpán Vrzala, the wedding was soon featured on the prestigious blog Style Me Pretty. 

"Dear Katka,

Thank you so much for for all your help putting together our dream wedding! It was absolutely spectacular, fun, memorable, and would not have been possible without your assistance throughout the process. We and many of our guests are still reminiscing about it as 'the best wedding ever'. I am not sure how our wedding ranks compared to other weddings at the Chateau, but it was an unforgettable experience for us and could not have been better. The entire staff of the Chateau was amazing during our stay. We loved every minute at Chateau Mcely (as did our guests!) and we will certainly be back to visit.

Jeremy a Jackie"

Lenka & Matteo

Lenka and Matteo’s fairytale wedding took place on Sunday, August 30, 2015. They celebrated their big day with 83 guests with an exclusive rental of the entire chateau. The romantic atmosphere was enhanced by gorgeous floral decorations, with the bride’s lily of the valley bouquet as the star attraction.

The sunny weather meant the wedding could take place outdoors on the South Parterre with beautiful vistas of the surrounding nature, as well as a ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

The newlyweds also enjoyed traditional wedding customs such as releasing doves, breaking a plate, and other wonderful experiences. 

Daria & Denis

This small intimate wedding for two took place on Saturday, October 3, 2015. Newlyweds Daria and Denis decided to profess their love once more, this time symbolically at Chateau Mcely. They had plenty of time for themselves, without any of the stresses associated with planning a grand wedding celebration.

The symbolic ceremony took place in the English park in a romantic corner under a memorial tree. The unforgettable experience was followed by a private dinner in the Golden Hall by the light of 101 candles.

Our Russian coordinator Irina assisted with the wedding preparations, ensuring that there was no language barrier for the newlyweds.


Kate & Konstantin

Kate and Konstantin chose Saturday, September 27, 2014 to share their big day with 40 friends and colleagues. They exchanged their vows on the chateau patio, decorated with a citrus theme, because lemons are Kate’s good luck charm and family talisman. The beautiful decorations were also environmentally-friendly – the potted lemon trees were borrowed and no living trees were cut.

„My dearest Petra,

I can’t help but to thank you once again.

I still can’t believe how beautiful and absolutely perfect our wedding was. I’m delighted that we could share our story in our magazine (p. 235-261) and be able to tell everyone that I had the very best wedding coordinator ever!


Anna & Vitalij

Anna and Vitalij made the decision on June 16, 2014 to hold their wedding at Chateau Mcely. Their big beautiful wedding took place one month and one day later, on July 17, 2014.

The newlyweds planned a wide variety of activities for their guests, such as archery in the chateau park, carriage rides, balloon release, releasing sky lanterns, and much more.

You can view the entire wedding photo gallery at the exclusive wedding blog Style Me Pretty.

„Dear Katka,

Thank you for all the care you put into everything you did for us and our guests on our big day!

We’re so happy that we had our wedding at Chateau Mcely – truly a dream fulfilled! We and our guests were absolutely satisfied with everything.

Big thanks to you personally and to the entire team of professionals at Chateau Mcely.“

Marika & Thomas

Marika and Thomas, a Swiss-Czech/Austrian couple, celebrated their big day with God’s blessing at Chateau Mcely on May 17, 2014. Because of the rain, the ceremony, originally planned to take place in the English park, was moved to the patio, which was no less beautiful thanks to the stylish set-up and decorations.

The reception for 62 people was held in Piano Nobile, and the Theatre Hall was ready for the big celebration and after-dinner dance, which lasted well into the early morning hours. A late breakfast was followed by planting the wedding tree, the finishing touch to a gorgeous wedding and the most beautiful weekend of their lives.

„Petra did an amazing job not only planning our wedding, but was also quick to react when the weather turned on us. We can highly recommend leaving the organization of your wedding in her capable hands. And the chateau itself…you have to see it with your own eyes…you can truly feel the magic here.“

Alena & Bruno

Our first wedding of the year took place during the height of winter - in January. Bruno and Alena chose the perfect date: 11.1.2014 and said their “I do’s” at a church wedding in the chapel in nearby Loučen. Along with their families, their friends were also there to help them celebrate their big day in style at a banquet followed by a reception at Chateau Mcely.

„Dear Petra,

thanks for being very professional in all steps of the wedding preparation, we highly appreciated your professionalism and thank you for having been flexible on few aspects.... “

Alena and Bruno


Eugenia Merkulova & Alexander Povetkin

June 5, 2013 was the date that the world heavyweight boxing champion Alexandr Povetkin and his fiancée Evgenie Merkulová, winner of the Miss Kursk competition in 2008 - chose for their wedding. The ceremony took place in the presence of a very small group of close family members and friends. The media was not present at the wedding, and the atmosphere of the wedding was truly cozy and friendly. The dinner reception took place in a festively decorated tent, specially set up on the south side of the English park.

Cyndia & Honza

The wedding took place on July 26, 2013 with 114 guests. Their wedding day was preceded by a special celebratory tea ceremony in the Golden Hall according to the traditions of the bride’s Taiwanese heritage. The grand wedding ceremony took place on the chateau patio with gorgeous floral decorations. At the request of the newlyweds, the wedding banquet was held under the open sky.

Martina & Ondřej

Martina and Ondřej got married at Chateau Mcely on September 19, 2013. The civil ceremony took place in the Golden Hall with an intimate group of 22 guests.

Dear Ms. Krčmová,

We would like to express our thanks to you and everyone at Mcely for such an amazing wedding day.

The incredibly kind and professional approach of everyone who helped us during our stay and our entire wedding day is something truly unusual, as is the place where our wedding took place. We already look forward to returning and remembering everything and everyone that made our day at Chateau Mcely a fulfillment of our dreams and expectations. .

Please extend our thanks to your entire staff and to the Cusumano family.

Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Kind regards from the Nováks


Eva & Tim

Eva and Tim’s wedding day was held on April 14, 2012.

They exchanged vows during a Czech-English civil ceremony on the outdoor patio.

Forty guests helped Eva and Tim celebrate their wedding day.

The wedding reception was held in the salons of the Piano Nobile restaurant.

“Dear Lucka, we want to thank you and your colleagues once again for the most wonderful day. Our wedding day was fantastic and everything was so well organized. Everything was simply perfect!

Thank you,

Eva and Tim”

Martina & David

Martina and David exchanged their vows on June 1, 2012 during a Czech civil ceremony on the outdoor patio.

Martina and David invited 35 guests.

The wedding reception was held in the salons of the Piano Nobile restaurant.

“Dear Lucie, thanks for all your help - last weekend was amazing.

Martina and David”

Veronika & Stefan

Veronika and Stephan’s wedding took place on June 15, 2012.

The Czech-German civil ceremony was held in the English park with 65 guests in attendance.

The wedding reception was held in the salons of the Piano Nobile restaurant.

“Dear Lucie, we want to thank you once again for all your help with our wedding!

Veronika and Stephan“



Yelena & Evgueni

The couple chose June 11, 2011 for the most important day in their new life together.

The Russian civil ceremony took place on the outdoor patio.

Ninety-one guests joined Yelena and Evgueni celebrate their magnificent wedding in a beautifully decorated tent in the English park.

“Dear Lucie, thank you once again to you and your team for the superb hospitality, the services and above all, for everything you did to make our wedding a reality. It was perfect and we enjoyed every single minute!

Evgueni and Yelena“

Lucie & Petr

Lucie and Petr chose July 14, 2011 as the day for their wedding. They said their vows during a Czech civil ceremony in the English park.

Lucie and Petr were joined by 65 guests in celebrating the most important day in their new lives together.

The wedding reception took place on the outdoor patio as an informal afternoon barbecue party.

Lucie has planned and organized dozens of weddings here at the chateau. She’s incredibly efficient and can be very practical when it comes to resolving unforeseen situations and fulfilling �ven the most unusual of wedding wishes. Our hostess manages everything professionally with a smile, and values the satisfaction of our wedding guests and the wedding couple above all. On this summer day in 2011, Lucie and her fiancé had the chance to fulfill their own wedding dreams at Chateau Mcely.


Hana & Stephen John

Hana and Stephen were married on September 29, 2011.

They pledged their love and devotion during a Czech-English religious wedding in the chateau park. Hana and Stephen’s wedding was intimate yet stylish. They celebrated their wedding day together with 11 guests and 5 children in Scottish dress. Their dog Nessie was also an important guest.

The wedding reception took place on the outdoor patio.

“Dear Lucie, thank you once again for your incredible assistance in organizing our wedding, for the wonderful setting our your chateau, for your one-of-a-kind friendly staff - for everything that you did to make our wedding day so special, including allowing our dog Nessie to be a part of it all, which was one of the major criteria which led us to choose Chateau Mcely as the setting for our wedding day.

Hanka, Stephen and Matyasek“