Course in blending natural skincare products

We’ve prepared a unique opportunity to learn how natural skincare products are made, and to create the product of your choice, one that will be sure to remind you of this unforgettable experience. Course length: 60 minutes.

The course in blending natural skincare products includes:

  • Information about how natural cosmetics are made and their beneficial effect on your body, mind and soul
  • Presentation on essential oils, their uniqueness and effect and their importance in the production of skincare products
  • Comparison of living ingredients with the essential oils made from them
  • Selection of your own combination of essential oils to make your own products using aromatherapy
  • Production of a natural product by hand using your selected essential oils in combination with other chosen ingredients. You will be able to take the product home with you and use it to uplift your body, mind and soul whenever you feel the need to do so.

Price per person: CZK 2 290 / Minimum class size: 2 people.

This package can be booked from Monday to Thursday.


+420 325 600 095