About Us – From the book The Treasure of the Mcely Family, 2016

It all began in 2001 when a successful – and exhausted – young woman found herself drawn like a magnet to a crumbling building. Inéz Cusumano felt its special mysterious power, and with courage and determination, she embarked on the challenging renovation. Her husband Jim and the wonderful people she surrounded herself with, such as Vlastimil and Eva Plch, gave her the drive for the project. Everyone was driven by the desire to create something that would make the world around us just a little bit better. The creative impulse took off at full speed, and the derelict chateau was soon wreathed in beauty.

All their hard work came to fruition in 2006. Chateau Mcely unlocked its gates and opened the doors to an extraordinary hotel to its first guests. This was the moment when it became clear how powerful Inéz and Jim Cusumano's vision was. It was as if everything that belonged together came together in one place. Every detail fell into place, and the chateau attracted dedicated employees who take care of it – and above all their guests – with love.

Chateau Mcely was founded with the goal of creating a place to refill your “water of life” from an eternally bubbling spring. Guests come here to refresh themselves and to connect to the magical energy that radiates in this region, and primarily to that energy within our own souls to which we so seldom pay any attention.

In 2010, Inéz Cusumano introduced her own line of natural cosmetics under the Mcely Bouquet brand, inspired by the local herbal tradition. Guests could also literally immerse themselves in the rituals at the newly created Mcely Bouquet Spa. The strengthening aromas of natural oils, which until now wafted gently through the roses and lavender, fill the chateau and its surroundings. The spa is truly synonymous with care. Precious essential oils return one to the womb of nature and a unique, peaceful timelessness when aromas were pure and unadulterated. Our ancestors were aware of the healing powers of herbs, and we can return to them here at Chateau Mcely.

With your senses fully saturated and your body relaxed, yet another feeling makes itself know: an appetite...or even actual hunger. It would seem that next to food for the soul, real food is a weak temptation, but that most certainly isn't the case here. With Piano Nobile, Chateau Mcely added a real culinary gem to its treasure. In the hands of executive chef Honza Štěrba, the chateau restaurant gained fame in 2014 when it was crowned the best restaurant in the Czech Republic by Maurer’s Grand Restaurant Guide. Excellent, imaginative recipes are prepared with local ingredients and imbued with the same care and energy that radiates throughout Chateau Mcely.

On 2016, Chateau Mcely celebrated the tenth anniversary of its opening. Since those first early days, countless people have felt the chateau’s beneficial influence. Even many employees can attest to it, as they have over their time at the chateau fallen in love, gotten married, and now enjoy children! Guests take inspiration from the loving family atmosphere of Mcely and experience some of their most important life moments here. This is truly a place for small everyday miracles.

Memorial trees in the garden overlook the brides and grooms exchanging their wedding vows, while little princesses chase each other over the lawn. In the laboratory, visible from the chateau windows, secret essences with miraculous effects are created, and the spa salons, sensuously named Honey, Pearls, and Silk, entice you to try them out. Its magnetism, the strength of which even Inéz Cusumano could not resist, continues to exert its influence, and guests continue to come from all corners of the world for the sense of well-being. On its pillows, symbolically embroidered with the chateau logo, many weary heads have already rested. With the new morning come new ideas, inspirations, and understanding. The bouquet of nine midsummer flowers picked at the height of summer spreads its intoxicating scent. It’s up to you which flower you choose from the bouquet, or maybe you'll embrace the entire bouquet. It'll be waiting here for you – ready to share its most valuable assets.

Our Mission

To go well beyond hospitality by enriching the lives of our SIX-STAKEHOLDERS -
Guests, Employees, Investors, Suppliers, Community, the World!

Our Vision

We make a difference in the world by making a difference in yours.

Our Dream

Dine like royalty, sleep on a bed of roses and enjoy blissful pampering in an elegant country manor.


2020 – Piano Nobile ranked fifth place in Maurer's Grand Restaurant

Piano Nobile was awarded the symbolic Maurer plate with the fifth place ranking. This means that it is one of the top 10 restaurants in the Czech Republic for 2020.

2020 – Three golden lions and seventh best chef

Once again Piano Nobile received the three Golden Lions, ranking it among the 22 best restaurants in the Czech Republic for the 2020 season. For the first time this year, chefs also received awards. Honza Štěrba was ranked lucky number seven out of ten
in the country.

2019 – Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Winner

This award is the highest recognition and is presented annually to the top 1% of businesses across select categories

2019 – Best restaurant in the Czech Republic

Awarded with Three Gold lions

2018 – Best 5* hotel in the Czech Republic

Hotel Czech Awards 2018

2018 – TOP 25 hotels, TripAdvisor

Chateau Mcely was ranked among the 25 best hotels in the Czech Republic in several categories on TripAdvisor.

2018 – TOP 10 best restaurant in the Czech Republic

according to a nationwide survey by Maurer’s Grand Restaurant, the only independent guide to the best restaurants.

2017 – TOP 25 hotels, TripAdvisor

Chateau Mcely was ranked among the 25 best hotels in the Czech Republic in four categories on TripAdvisor.

2017 – 4. best restaurant in the Czech Republic

according to a nationwide survey by Maurer’s Grand Restaurant, the only independent guide to the best restaurants.

2016 – Piano Nobile in TOP 10 restaurants

according to a nationwide survey by Maurer’s Grand Restaurant, the only independent guide to the best restaurants.

2015 – The Hall of Fame, TripAdvisor

Chateau Mcely received a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for the fifth year running, earning it a place in the popular travel website’s Hall of Fame.

2014 – Nejlepší restaurace v České republice

podle celostátní ankety Maurerův výběr Grand Restaurant, jediného nezávislého průvodce nejlepšími restauracemi.

2013 – Piano Nobile v TOP 5 Absolutně

dle Maurerova nezávislého průvodce Grand Restaurant 2013.

2012 – Svatební místo roku

v rámci soutěže Svatební místo roku 2012 na základě hlasování odborné poroty.

2012 – Video "Experience the Chateau Mcely"

V rámci 19. ročníku festivalu turistických filmů Tourfilm získalo Chateau Mcely ocenění za video, které můžete shlédnout také na našem youtube.

2012 – Europe's Leading Green Resort

Další prestižní ocenění World Travel Award v kategorii zelených hotelů.

Best Luxury Destination Spa 2012

Zámecké lázně Mcely Spa obdržely cenu v kategorii "Best Luxury Destination Spa".

2012 – Top 100 hotelů v Evropě

podle německého multitematického cestovatelského magazínu Geo Saison, který patří mezi nejvýznamnější německé časopisy zaměřené na cestování.

2012 – Piano Nobile v TOP 10 Absolutně

dle Maurerova nezávislého průvodce Grand Restaurant 2012.

2011 – Europe's Leading Green Resort

V prestižní World Travel Awards 2011 získalo Chateau Mcely první cenu v kategorii Europe's Leading Green Resort.

2011 – Piano Nobile v TOP 10 Absolutně

dle Maurerova nezávislého průvodce Grand Restaurant 2011.

2009 – Green Manager roku

Výkonný ředitel Ing. Vlastimil Plch, který Chateau Mcely řídí od samého počátku, získal od Asociace hotelů a restaurací České republiky ocenění „Green manager roku“ za příkladný přístup hotelového provozu k ekologii.

2009 – Best Experiential Photograph

Small Luxury Hotels of the World ocenilo „Best Experiential Photograph“. Chateau Mcely zvítězilo v mezinárodní konkurenci složené z více než 70 zemí a 480 hotelů sítě SLH.

2008 – World´s Leading Green Hotel

World Travel Awards 2008, „Oskar“ v cestovním ruchu, v kategorii zelených hotelů.

2007 – Zelený hotel

Chateau Mcely se stalo jediným pětihvězdičkovým „zeleným“ a eco chic hotelem v České republice a druhým v celé Evropě s nejvyšší zelenou certifikací Evropské unie.

2006 – Best of Realty

Chateau Mcely získalo nejvyšší ocenění v prestižní soutěži „Best of Realty 2006“ v hotelové kategorii za citlivou rekonstrukci zchátralého zámku.