Every flower is an original, just like you....

Flowers....are a part of the lives we lead every day. It’s important, therefore, that we don’t ignore our senses. Flowers have been beautifying our history since the dawn of time with their incredible diversity, harmony of colors, amazing fragrances…thanks to them, we are unique in the universe.
Eva Hliněná, Chateau Mcely florist

Photos are for illustration purposes only. Bouquets may contain different flowers, colors, etc. If none of the arrangements below suits you and you’d prefer to have something made to your specification, please contact the Chateau Mcely recption at Reception@ChateauMcely.com or by phone at +420 325 600 000.

Seasonal flowers

Little Bouquet, CZK 990

Tiny Flowers Bouquet, CZK 1 590

Big Spring Bouquet, CZK 2 790


Miss Rose, CZK 2 250

25 pcs

Lady Rose, CZK 4 490

51 pcs

Queen Rose, CZK 8 080

101 pcs


Heart, CZK 890

Night Romance, CZK 950

Wedding Bouquet, CZK 1 990


Tulip, CZK 875

25 pcs

Mr. Tulip, CZK 1 690

51 pcs

King Tulip, CZK 3 490

101 pcs