Florist Services

I would be delighted to put together floral decorations
for your celebration, anniversary, engagement - or simply to bring joy.
Eva Hliněná, Chateau Mcely florist

Photos are for illustration purposes only. Arrangements can include different flowers, colors, etc.
If you don't see anything below that suits or if you have a specific request, please contact our reception desk. │325 600 000.


Happy Bouquet CZK 950
Fantasy Bouquet CZK 1,490
Romantic Bouquet CZK 2,990
Big Bouquet CZK 4,990



Miss Rose (25 roses) CZK 1,990
Lady Rose (51 roses) CZK 3,990
Queen Rose (101 roses)

CZK 7,490

Table and Room Decorations

Heart of flower petals on the bed CZK 1,150
Table decor with candles CZK 1,990 / CZK 4,900
Flower Basket CZK 2,490 / CZK 4,950


Special foil heart, numbers, letters (price for 1) CZK 290
Balloon Bouquet S (15 balloons) CZK 900
Balloon Bouquet M (50 balloons) CZK 2,750
Balloon Bouquet L (100 balloons) CZK 5,000