Romantic engagements

“Life is a game, so let’s play it to its fullest.”

  • Play a fun escape game with your sweetheart at Chateau Mcely. Riddles, secret codes, mysteries, and suspense – not only from what the answer to the final question will be – and finally the last task with the hidden engagement ring...
  • Or what about a private concert by your favorite artist?
  • Magician on Stage! Conjure up the engagement ring right before the eyes of your future bride. There’s no way she could possibly say no...

Find more inspiration with our 10 romantic ways to propose, Chateau Mcely-style.

  • Dine in the Agape presidential suite in the chateau tower, surrounded by 101 candles, with a personal waiter, a flickering fireplace, and an incredible view. After a good dinner, lead your sweetheart through the suite and in every room have a gift prepared relating to your experiences together. The last, best gift - the ring - awaits her on the roof of the chateau – in the observatory, which you’ll reach through a private entrance directly from the suite. You can whisper something romantic and suddenly, the park will light up with the words “Will you marry me?”. Present the open ring box on your hand and she’ll be yours.
  • Invite your love for a night in the Legend Suite swathed in flowers. Enjoy breakfast in your room, with the ring hidden under her morning cup of coffee. Or under a silver lid on a plate with a sweet chocolate inscription “Will you marry me?” A true romantic could have an original ceramic plate made with a custom inscription to symbolize your shared experience.
  • Go for a treasure hunt in the chateau park. The final task will lead to the hidden ring. Now just utter those magic words and then dine right in the park under a plane tree or in the meditation garden, served by your own personal waiter.
  • Reserve one of the VIP private salons at a luxury jeweler in Prague and make it the destination of a romantic walk. Once she says “yes”, a limousine parked out front will whisk you straight to Chateau Mcely, where you can immerse yourselves in a Mcely Elixir of Love ritual.
  • Invite your sweetheart to our outdoor whirlpool under the stars, surrounded by candles, with flowers floating on the water. The ring box can be attached to one of the flowers.
  • If you’d like to propose in the winter, grab two mugs of mulled wine and something to snack on, and head out for a walk in the St George Forest. In the stillness of the forest, no one will overhear your proposal. Or go for a ride in a horse-drawn carriage.
  • During the Advent season, have a decorated tree right in your room. A shining tree, steamy hot chocolate, and homemade fragrant cookies create just the right atmosphere. One of the tree’s ornaments can bear the words, “Will you marry me?” Or you can have the ring box wrapped and placed under the tree.
  • Rent an airplane drawing a banner with the inscription “Will you marry me?” and watch for it at just the right moment with your sweetheart from the rooftop observatory.
  • Decorate a tree in the chateau park with slips of paper with personal messages, photos, memories, and small gifts. One of the gifts could be the ring box.
  • Arrange a photo session at the chateau. In the middle of the session, pull the ring box out of your pocket. The photographer will capture the moment of surprise and you’ll have a beautiful reminder of your special moment.

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