The Heavenly Queen of Mcely and 150 Years of the Mcely Miracle

July 10, 2020

We don’t have to believe in miracles, in fairies from the forest and seven-headed dragons, in opening treasures and wells, in devils and shooting stars -  they happen anyway, they’re here anyway, and if we pay attention we’ll see them dancing in the misty haze, glowing in the dark, and plunging into the depths.

Somewhere between night and day, somewhere between reality and dream, those whose lives have left indelible marks will come to life.

Alena Holá

Despite the successful summer season, Chateau Mcely, like most companies and people in the world, is experiencing a period of uncertainty and fear. The situation is not easy, especially in the insecure world of hospitality. To find support for herself, her colleagues, and her guests, Inéz Cusumano, the founder of Chateau Mcely, has returned to the roots of the chateau and sought in its history a representative of a higher power which the predecessors of this place turned to for comfort and help during periods of great hardship. 

The worship of a female deity has a long tradition in Mcely. Undoubtedly the most significant event, recorded in detail and deeply experienced, was the apparition of the Virgin Mary of Mcely to three orphans in 1849 and 1850, when Mcely even became a famous Marian pilgrimage site. According to old records, nine years before the similar event in Lourdes, the Virgin Mary of Mcely revealed herself to three girls for nine months and told them nine secrets in a small field between Chateau Mcely and the neighboring church. The alleged apparitions of the Virgin Mary are known as the Mcely Miracle. Guests often describe in various ways that they feel a very special, strong, even magical energy in the chateau, in which love in all its forms thrives.

The Heavenly Queen Of Mcely Collection    

Inéz Cusumano has created the core of the Heavenly Queen of Mcely Collection - items featuring the image of the Virgin Mary of Mcely - and will gradually expand it. Its primary purpose is to convey the same feeling of protection and hope that people feel in Mcely when they turn to the Heavenly Queen of Mcely with their fears and pains. During the time when the chateau was closed, when the whole country was on lockdown, Inéz approached Alena Holá, a wonderful artist who has imprinted her spirit onto all aspects of Chateau Mcely from its very beginning, to ask her to take on the difficult task of depicting the Virgin Mary of Mcely in the center of a wreath of the local Nine Flowers, evoking a halo. The image of the Mcely Goddess on a favorite object will offer its wearer a feeling of protection and remind them of the need for harmony of female and male energy within themselves. Only in this way can we heal the Earth and restore its disturbed balance. To create this Marian collectionInéz approached the project with great humility, love and gratitude. It will therefore be non-profit in character, and the proceeds will go towards solely towards covering production costs. The small profit will be devoted to projects to strengthen the voices of women where they do not have it. 

The collection is currently made up of a larger image of the Heavenly Queen of Mcely and a soft hoodie of high quality organic cotton, for which Inéz designed a delicate “university-style” white medallion featuring Alena’s image of the Heavenly Queen of Mcely with the inscription "Queen of Heaven” in Latin and the year of the Mcely Miracle.