Offer of coaching and private mini-seminars

Want to combine a relaxing stay at the chateau with personal development? Have you noticed that here, surrounded by nature, you’re able to focus on your real-life values and priorities more clearly? Would you like to further explore, anchor, and take this experience into everyday life?

We came up with the idea of offering you the services of our in-house coach Larisa Francírková to enrich your stay here, where you relax, meditate, and make plans. For many years, Larisa has been helping our entire team find answers to similar questions and deal with personal and work challenges. Thanks to working with her, we have clarified our vision and mission and learned how to focus on our life priorities.In cooperation with Chateau Mcely, she has put together the following coaching sessions and private mini-seminars for you to choose from:

Partnerships for Life

Use the time you spend together in this place filled with harmonizing energy to create a vision of a common partnership or family life. If you already have such a vision, you can go through it and explore it further with Larisa's help. You’ll determine which parts of it are working well, and which ones you should focus on and further develop. This conversation will help you clarify your current needs on your journey together.

Life Audit

Are you are not completely satisfied with your life at the moment? Or are you satisfied and just want to reassure yourself that you are really living your life in accordance with your values and needs? Do an "audit" of key areas of your life and find out how to approach your life so that it is fulfilling and satisfying - now.

Deep Job Satisfaction

Very often, work doesn’t bring us feelings of joy and satisfaction. Many people simply deal with it. But you don't have to. Create the work life that you want. Stop looking for excuses why this isn’t possible and discover ways to lead a good and happy life at work. Give yourself the chance to experience fulfillment, joy and meaningfulness in the place where perhaps you’ve been going mainly because of the money.

Real Service, Chateau Mcely-style

Wondering how to make your clients feel like you do when you stay at Chateau Mcely? And what can you do so that this feeling is experienced not only by your clients, but also you and your employees so that you can meaningfully enjoy working with them? Learn about an original approach that can transform not only your services, but also increase the success of your business activities.

Yoga Philosophy at Work and in Your Private Life

Yoga is not just a physical practice of asanas and breathing exercises. The oldest texts on yoga provide clear instructions on how one can harmonize their daily private and work life through behavior and thinking. Learn about principles of the yogic tradition that have something to say even to the modern person - things that you don’t normally learn about a regular physical yoga lesson. Embark on a journey of peace and harmony in everything you experience.

Price per one hour: from CZK 4,000 excl. VAT

Larisa Francírková

Larisa studied political science and international relations at the Charles University Faculty of Social Sciences. After a number of years of working in the public and non-profit sectors, she worked in telecommunications at and insurance. Now she works as a coach and consultant in Czech and international companies. She focuses on personal development, leadership, and solving issues associated with increasing service quality and sales success.

She has a strong relationship with yoga and has been fortunate to have a teacher and close friend as a yogi, scientist and physician Mukund Bhole, the world's leading authority on yoga issues related to a person's physical and mental health. In addition to Chateau Mcely, her long-term clients include RENOMIA, Infinit, Bernard Brewery, Proton Therapy UK, and Breezy.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team by email at or directly Larisa,