Meetings & Events

Chateau Mcely located near Prague is the ideal location not only for your off-site meetings and business meetings, but also family celebrations and other joyous occasions, such as christenings or reunions.

A new way of looking at things better achieved in the enchanted creative environment of Chateau Mcely than in a meeting room in the middle of the city. Located just an hour from the Prague in the midst of the magical St. George Forest.

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Business, Bliss & Balance

Our goal is to awaken new energy within you and guide you towards understanding the meaning of life while experiencing the true feeling of gratitude and fulfillment in both your private and professional lives. Teams whose members live in balance are more creative, healthier, more productive, and therefore more successful.

Find inspiration in programs led by Chateau Mcely’s owner and a true leader, James A. Cusumano.

  • Balance
  • The Power of True Service
  • Reward, Re-Energizing, and Rediscovering Balance

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What they’re saying about us...

“Chateau Mcely inspires your creativity. You will be amazed at what you and your team can imagine, agree on and execute. Put simply: magic happens there!”

Jan Sykora
Chairman of the BoardWood & Company

“The service at Chateau Mcely is exceptional and I rate it amongst the best in the world. The facilities are top notch and well maintained as well as reasonably priced and an excellent value for a business meeting venue.”

Sanjiv Suri
President & CEO of Zátiší Group

“Chateau Mcely is a rare combination of exquisite physical structure, impeccably run by people who take a genuine interest in every possible way to provide a space that is conducive to contemplation while possessing the essential sophistication to support a high impact conference.”

Rinaldo BrutocoFounder,
President & CEO World Business Academy Santa Barbara, California