Spring Meetings at Chateau Mcely

Get out of the office and into nature. Book your business meeting at Chateau Mcely.

Special Offer:

  • Special rates for accommodation and every 8th reserved room free of charge
  • 50% off conference room rental and free use of basic conference equipment (data projector, flip chart)
  • 20% discount on all therapies at the MCELY BOUQUET SPA
  • Special “Office Therapy” massage focusing on back pain resulting from sitting at the computer. The massage can include a head massage to inspire better ideas,
    a hand and foot massage to relieve pain, using reflexology points to relax the back.
  • 10% off pre-booked meals
  • Free use of the sauna and whirlpool between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (depending on availability).
  • Free use of the tennis court, pétanque, and croquet in the English park (weather permitting)

Team Activities:

  • Fit Meeting - activities with a trainer: pre-meeting stretch / stretch during breaks, forest trail jogging, outdoor fitness in the park, healthy back yoga, walks in nature,
    healthy coffee breaks
  • Quick Spa - mini neck and hand massage (possible even during breaks)
  • Guided bike tours around the area
  • Hot air balloon sightseeing flights
  • New escape games (indoor/outdoor)
  • Ice art
  • The Big Picture - group painting a giant picture

We Recommend:

  • Conference on cushions – move the creative part of your meeting out into the English park. We’ll be happy to provide blankets, cushions, and flip charts.
  • Mini buffet at the park firepit (roasting sausages, vegetables, marshmallows, onion soup in a cauldron, mulled wine, and homemade fruit drinks)
  • Spit-Roasted Lamb Rump and a basketball or ping-pong match
  • Natural cosmetic blending class, including making your own product
  • BBQ School with executive chef Honza Štěrba
  • Croquet and pétanque to relax during coffee breaks

Please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team by email at Events@chateaumcely.com or by phone at +420 325 600 050 if you have questions or special wishes.