Our Unique Projects

Nearly every year, Inéz Cusumano offers something new for our beloved guests.
Most recently, she introduced the Heavenly Queen of Mcely collection,
followed by a unique Chateau Mcely-inspired apartment in the center of Prague...

The Heavenly Queen of Mcely

To support herself, her colleagues,  and her guests, Inéz Cusumano, the founder of Chateau Mcely, has returned to the roots of the chateau and sought in its history a representative of a higher power to which the predecessors of this place turned to for comfort and help during periods of great hardship. 

The worship of a female deity has a long tradition in Mcely. Undoubtedly the most significant, recorded in detail and deeply experienced, was the apparition of the Virgin Mary of Mcely to three orphans in 1849 and 1850, because of which Mcely even became a famous Marian pilgrimage site. According to old records, nine years before a similar event in Lourdes, the Virgin Mary of Mcely revealed herself to three girls over a period of nine months and told them nine secrets in a small field between Chateau Mcely and the neighboring church. The alleged apparitions of the Virgin Mary are known as the Mcely Miracle. Guests often tell us that they feel a very special, strong, even magical energy in the chateau, where love thrives in all its forms.

The Mcely Bouquet
Cosmetics Collection

In the beginning there was a woman and love... Our pure, natural organic cosmetics line was established in 2010 by the owner of Chateau Mcely, Inéz Cusumano. From a young age, she blended her own oils and balms for her sensitive skin. When it came time to source cosmetic products for the chateau spa, she refused to compromise.

Inéz felt she had to come up with her own brand, one that would be in keeping with the story of the place and the eco-friendly ethos of the chateau. She attended the perfume school in Grasse, France, immersed herself in aromatherapy, discovered the local story of the healing Nine Flowers tradition, which cared for health and beauty centuries ago, and began testing her products on her family and friends. The result was the first nine products, inspired by the Mcely tradition of the Nine Flowers. This was the very beginning of MCELY BOUQUET, born alongside the MCELY BOUQUET SPA. It was a pioneering concept at the time, based on nature and the belief in and love for the powers of natural herbs.

The magic number 9 is also associated with Mcely. In 1849, the Queen of Heaven appeared to three orphan girls in Mcely and told them nine secrets - today these Marian visions are known as the Mcely Miracle. Since its inception, the product line has grown from the original line-up of nine products to a wide range of hand-blended products for the whole body, from head to toe. 

The cosmetic products are blended by hand in the chateau laboratory in small batches using only the freshest and purest chemically-untreated ingredients. Their healing properties are based on rare essential oils, homemade herbal extracts, and the use of traditional alchemical methods. The cosmetics rejuvenate and heal the body, soothe the mind, and elevate the spirit. 

Mcely Bouquet
Prestigious Address

Shortly after MCELY BOUQUET was founded, its cosmetics and therapies became an integral part of the spa menu at The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Prague. This was followed by other amazing locations: The Zion Spa at the Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras at Štrbské Pleso, surrounded by the breathtaking nature of the Slovak High Tatras, and the Grand Hotel River Park in Bratislava, with unforgettable views of the city.

In Spring, 2022, MCELY BOUQUET, maker of all-natural cosmetics, has established close cooperation with yet another world-famous hotel - The Chedi Andermatt. This highly sought after hotel in the middle of the Swiss Alps offers three rituals (Mountain of Love, Mountain of Tranquility, and Mountain of Healing) created exclusively for the spa by Inéz Cusumano, founder of MCELY BOUQUET and Chateau Mcely. Guests have a unique opportunity to experience aromatherapy and relax the body and mind with the help of fragrant herbal essences and massage oils from MCELY BOUQUET.

Nely, Princess of Chateau Mcely

Princess Nely is a fairytale character from the charmingly illustrated children's books Nely, Princess of Chateau Mcely from 2013 and Princess Nely and the Mystery of the Mint Feather, a loose sequel from 2023. The author of both stories is the co-founder of the chateau, Inéz Cusumano. The stories are complemented by the adorable Nely Gift Collection, the Butterfly Collection, and the Nine Birds Collection.

The books are thematically linked by Princess Nely's stylishly decorated suite, princess menu, a relaxing spa experience, and an original gift collection. The ultimate experience for children and their parents is the annual Princess Gathering in September. Sip your Nely tea, eat your treats gracefully, and accept our invitation to a fairytale world.
Play video of the Nine Birds Collection

Old Town Prague Apartment

In 2019, Chateau Mcely introduced a new elegant apartment in an Art Nouveau house from 1913 in Prague’s Old Town. With an area of 180 square meters, our apartment provides the ideal fusion of a luxury experience with the beauty of the city of a hundred towers. The timeless design of Mcely by Inéz Cusumano and the clatter of horses' hooves under the windows on the corner of U Staré školy Street, just steps away from Prague’s glamorous Pařížská Street, guarantees an exceptional experience, whether you're here for a romantic couple's getaway or a fun-filled weekend for families with children.

Fashion Accessories

We have been gradually adding fashion accessories to the Chateau Mcely gift collection. 

Discover t-shirts featuring the reminder to “Choose Love Every Day”, as well as hand-sewn silk scarves with our Mcely Bouquet floral motif or the iconic Mcely bird pattern, and a sweatshirt from the new  Heavenly Queen of Mcely collection. High quality materials and original motifs will add flair to your wardrobe.

Ceramics Collection

If you have ever been to Mcely, you’ve certainly noticed our ceramic "tchochtkes", as we affectionately call them - pendants on the chandeliers, huge plates in the Piano Nobile salons, and aroma lamps and other Mcely Bouquet accessories. Each piece is created by hand in a small workshop by our “aunties”. Ota Bláha, with whom Inéz Cusumano completed the interiors of the chateau, spent a lot of time with them as a child, because his mother worked in the workshop.

“Today I will tell you the story of our ceramic tiles. You’ll find them in every bathroom in the chateau. When we were renovating the chateau, we discovered an old tile decorated with mysterious images and writing. We couldn't decipher them. The tile piqued my imagination and inspired Ota and me to create our own. Maybe future generations will also wonder what they are trying to express. So what do you see on the tile? The chateau is surrounded by a beautiful park and game reserve (Jabkenická). In them are rare trees, some several hundred years old, and 400 fallow deer have free run of the park. The angels symbolize the Mcely miracles (there were 3, but more about them later), a protective hand, and an ethereal, uplifting energy that reigns at the chateau. The fish symbolizes one of the miracles: the apparition of the Virgin Mary of Mcely to three orphans in 1842. Mcely became a Marian pilgrimage site a few years before Lourdes.”   

Yours truly, 
Inéz Cusumano